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21 June 2007 @ 05:45 pm
Woot! First fic in the community!

Even though I made the community... oh well!

Title: Unexpected
Author: lp_slash_queen (me)
Pairing: Sylar/Mohinder
Summary: Sylar saves Mohinder, but why?
Rating: PG-13 (Violence/Language/Rape/Mpreg)

Follow the beautifully made LJ cut!!!!Collapse )
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10 June 2007 @ 05:47 pm

[001-008] Claude
[009-010] Peter
[011-020] Plaude
[021-025] Sylar


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25 May 2007 @ 03:40 pm
I am the person who made this so yeah ... here's what I want u all to do! Tell me about you first before you post anything!

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Plaude or Mylar? Or both?

4. Other Heroes pairing(s)?

5. What or Who first got you into Heroes?

6. Do you write fanfiction or Draw Heroes Fanart? (If so tell me ur FF url and DA url)

7. Say something here:

So answer these first and then feel free to post Fanfiction/Fanart/Fanvid/Fanmixes, or whatever here! Just please follow the rules!

Thank you!
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